Tea Leaf Reading Monday! Find the Playboy Bunny!

Jeni's cup with Playboy bunny logo 2


Can you find what I saw in this teacup?  Playboy Bunny logo, horse and rider, hand with a club, an eye with big eyelashes, man’s head wearing top hat, head with horns, hand holding a mirror, solid triangle and circle of dots

I had a lot of fun with this one!  To the left of the cup is the Playboy bunny logo with a little bird on the right ear and a series of dots creating a hook (like in Vaudeville – get the hook). Beneath that is a hand holding a club connected to a horse and rider, with an eye with false eyelashes (they are bigger than normal).
Playboy is the most conservative of the gentleman magazine. The women are always airbrushed and with lace, pearls and satin. Very naughty and romantic – but not real. So for the owner of the cup there may be a fantasy round a relationship. The hook suggests that this may be changing soon with news or information (bird). The horse and rider (news around money) may put a realistic twist on the situation and beat down any false pretenses or perceptions (eye) about that fantasy.
To the right of that a heart is a small image of a hand holding an old fashioned hand drill. Someone or something may be slowly working or drilling down their way into your life. Or a relationship may be working into another level sexually.
To the right of that image is the head of a man with a top hat connected to a head with horns (devil). This seems to suggest someone may be acting like a gentleman or old fashioned romantic, but they have other plans. Innocence/sweet vs.Temptation/lust.
To the right and up of PB bunny is an image of a person looking at themselves with a hand mirror or someone flexing their muscle and admiring it. A solid triangle is near that and the person is surrounded by a circle of dots. The teacup owner needs to have confidence in asking for what they want. They will have good luck manifesting the things that they are asking for and see them reflected in their world.





Feedback from Rae Hepburn: Loved your reading, Laura.


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