Hiring entertainment for your next party? Four things to consider!

  It’s hard enough planning for a party or event, but even trickier if you are hiring talent to entertain your guests.  Remember that they will be a reflection on you, working in your space and be interacting with your guests that may include some VIPs in your personal life.  […]

Celebrating Mick and those lips!!!

Happy Birthday, Mick Jagger! Now there is a man known for his lips.  And as you can see, his lip prints don’t disappoint either. This particular print was sold in 1979 at an auction at Sotheby’s in London for 800 British pounds the equivalent of $1049 US dollars today.  The […]

TBT Best Gig Ever – Murder Mystery and Palmistry!

I am all dressed up in my fortune telling costume ready for a night of palmistry reading!  The sign on the front door of the house read “A little partying never killed anyone”.  This is the first thing the guests would see when they arrived.  However, they knew from their […]

New Moon on Monday, March 27!

Throw Back Thursday – just a trip down memory lane before I was a fortune-teller… In the 1980’s I waited tables at the brand new Four Seasons Hotel and Resort in Las Colinas, Texas.  It was close to the old Cowboy’s Stadium and in those years all of the cool […]