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Triangles in the palm are usually a sign of a talent or gift and can bring good fortune or luck specific to the area where it is located in the palm. I have been reading palms for many years and have seen many hands and combinations of lines, shapes and symbols on the hand. Every now and then I will see something in a palm that I have never seen before. For me, this is like finding a treasure or getting a glimpse of a rare bird. Yes, I am a palmistry geek and I feel lucky when I get those moments!

I was reading palms at a party last week and an older man sat down and asked me to look at his hand. He was a lefty and when he opened his hand I immediately saw that he had a shadowy gray triangle on his Venus (thumb) mound. The life line wraps around the thumb mound and I often read lines and shapes in the center of the hand outside of the life line as outside influences and line and shapes on the mound itself as how the person views life or their personal insights.

So I told him that he has a rare point of view about life from personal experiences and that he views himself to be very lucky. I also shared with him that this was my interpretation of that sign since I had never seen a solid shape triangle like that in a palm. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but too late now.

I went on to tell him other things about the lines and shapes in his hand and just when I thought I was through, I spotted one more thing to tell him. There is another kind of notch in the side of some people’s hands toward the bottom of the palm that cue me to talk to them about a supernatural/spiritual experience that they have had but they don’t talk about it since it sounds too weird.

The gentleman told me that he had been in three motorcycle accidents and (obviously) lived through them all. However, the first accident, landed him in the hospital in a coma. He had an experience of floating up and hovering over his body and the room. Later when he “woke up” he was able to tell his family and friends everything that they had talked about while he was unconscious. He laughed and said that it freaked them out. He doesn’t talk about it because he knows how strange the story sounds. I think he sounds lucky. I know I was fortunate to meet him.

P.S – Next time I’ll take a picture!  Promise!

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Laura E. West is a professional fortune-teller and certified Lipsologist in Dallas, TX. She provides intuitive entertainment including palmistry, tarot card, tea leaf and lipsology (lipstick print) readings. Between reading at parties and events and training for marathons, she is always on the run! Catch up with her every third Saturday at Viva’s Lounge and the Cirque du Burlesque show! Or schedule a private reading virtually or in person.

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