Numerology for Busy People – Dec. 1 – 7

NumerologyNumerology for Busy People – December 1 – 7

It’s official!  The holiday count down begins with Cyber Monday.  Just 25 days until Santa comes down the chimney.

After a weekend of turkey and turkeys, start the week off slow and get your bearings before shifting into second gear.

The weekend will be here before you know it. Mark your calendars to get the most out of your week.


Numerology # 2 Day: Listen more and talk less.  Choose your words wisely.

December 1.  Today be diplomatic, yield to cooperation, and/or go with the flow. 


Numerology # 3 Day:  Express yourself and have fun! 

December 2.  Use time today to network and be social.


Numerology # 4 Day: Watch where your money is going!!! 

December 3.   Organize and streamline things in your life today!  Concentration levels will be good too!


Numerology # 5 Day:   Energy abounds!

December 4.   A good day to be active and get things done! Let people know what you are excited about.  Make a changes, travel or make travel plans, push forward in business.


Numerology # 6 Day: Stick close to home. 

December 5.  Stay in, do things around the house, read a good book and just recharge your personal battery.  In family matters, draw a truce and don’t get hooked into arguments.  Good day to purchase or lease a domestic domain.


Numerology # 7 Day:  Rest, breathe and release.

December 6.   Don’t push it!  Dial it down and review what you have been working on.  Let your intuition guide you.


Numerology # 8 Day: Success in business and finances.

December 7.  It’s a good days to get ahead in Business.  However, think things through before you give an answer or sign a contract.

The predictions for the days listed above are what generally will affect all of us to a certain degree simply by the numerological meaning of the date.  More specific information may be created based on a persons birthdate and can give insight into the best days to do business, advertise, or just chill.  I am available for private readings (phone or in person)  as well as parties and events in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area by contacting me a or 214-334-0769.


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