Coffee ground reading


 Coffee ground symbols: woman, tree or T, adobe house, volcano and rooster

Coffee ground symbols: woman, tree or T, adobe house, volcano and rooster


Some times you have images made by outlines in the cup.  This one is an interesting example.  You have to pay attention to the negative and positive shapes that the cracks in the grounds create.

From left to right I see the profile of a woman looking left, a  tree without leaves or the letter T.  Next to that is what looks like an adobe hut (the hut is all white), followed by a volcano and the profile of a head of a rooster looking right.

My interpretation:   Hearing from a female friend or relative (tree). name might start with the letter T that has been in a tight spot and on hard times (adobe house ) or lives in the southwest (adobe house).

1) They will have a sudden shift in their situation (volcano) or get a job. Something to definitely crow about (rooster)

2) They will have a shift in their situation and but feel bullied or hen pecked by someone.


Feedback from client:  I’ll take note of what has been read. Laura, you may be onto something,

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