Cards of Fortune – Jan. 28, 2015

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Today is ruled by Queen of Clubs. The Queen of Clubs provides us with fresh ideas and innovative views.  She is our intution and our ability to “know” what is the right thing to do.  She gives us the ability to stand firmly in our own autonimously.  However, when we are not using the Queen of C to create, we are bogged down and can’t see a fresh approach to anything.  Uninspired?  Time to play and use your creativity to get you out of that rut.

Ecliptic card that can help you with today’s challenge:  9 of Spades. Today presents an opportunity to face  your fears.  Chances are that you have made a decision to do something great and amazing.  Now everything rises to scare you away from it. So consider the feeling of stress as a good thing.  It’s the last desperate attempt of your mind to try to keep you in the “safe” zone.

But are you your own worst enemy and letting your mind and negative thoughts dominate you?  Drop the perfectionism!!!  Nothing will be perfect and no one is on your path but you- so don’t do the comparison game.  When a plant to grows, it must first push away the dirt to make its way to the light of the sun.  In our life the dirt shows up as a lot of  of negative thinking and excuses.  What small step can you commit to today?  It’s time to break through that barrier.


Each day is assigned to a Card of Fortune that will affect us one way or the other.  But each of us are born to our own specific card that reflects who we are, as well as an Ecliptic card that reflects what we strive to overcome or  aspire to become as our most enlightened self.  For more information on how you can get your own Card of Fortune reading, email: or call 214-334-0769 to set up an appointment for a private readings or to book a party or event.


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Laura E. West is a professional fortune-teller and certified Lipsologist in Dallas, TX. She provides intuitive entertainment including palmistry, tarot card, tea leaf and lipsology (lipstick print) readings. Between reading at parties and events and training for marathons, she is always on the run! Catch up with her every third Saturday at Viva’s Lounge and the Cirque du Burlesque show! Or schedule a private reading virtually or in person.

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