Lip Prints by Laura

Lipsology readings with Laura E. West. Photography by Jared Lindsay photography.

Lipsology readings with Laura E. West. Photography by Jared Lindsay photography.

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Looking for something new to impress and amuse the gang at your next shindig?  Or do you need an entertainment idea that will make a big impression for the office or charity fundtraiser with just enough mystery and excitement but not too woo-woo?

Lip Prints by Laura is fun fresh entertainment for corporate events, trade shows or intimate parties. Find out what your lip prints say about you!

I am a one of 8 Lipsologists (Lip Print reader) in the world!  I had  been reading lipstick prints for years, but I didn’t become a Lipsologist until I studied with Jilly Eddy, the creator and author of “Lipsology, the Art and Science of Reading Lip Prints” (  Once I read her book, I knew that I wanted to study with her and become a certified Lipsologist – so I did!  In October 2015 I completed my training with Jilly and met her for a celebration lunch in Tacoma, Washington!  Now I have my own Lipsology business Lips Prints by Laura in Dallas, Texas.

Me & Jilly Eddy

Lipsology or lip print reading is entertaining and fun for all ages.

No two lip prints are alike and and will change each time the person makes their lip prints.

The subconscious thoughts and feeling of the person are imprinted on the paper when they make their prints on their “kiss” card.

The kiss prints reveal pertinent information about the person at the time of their reading.

How does it work?

You simply put on a fresh coat of lipstick, kiss a card three or more times and number the order of their prints.

Linda montage

As a Lipsologist, I analyze the size, shape, color saturation (or lack of), spacing and placement of the print on the paper. Small lines in the interior of the lip print and other special markings are also noted.  All of these add up to special and often helpful messages that the person’s lips want to convey to them.  I am just the messenger and interpreter.

Lipsology man

Lip Prints by Laura may be done anywhere and for any occasion!  I bring all of the supplies including the table set up, lipsticks, mirrors and Kiss cards.  Kiss cards may be customized for your party or event.  Guests keep the kiss card with their prints and my notes as a memento of the special occasion.


Lip Prints by Laura is perfect

for corporate or private events 

Marketing events

Charity fund raisers

Client appreciation events

Holiday parties

Bridal showers

Anniversary parties

Wedding receptions

Girls Night Out

Birthday parties

Sweet Sixteen

Graduation and Prom season


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Lip Prints by Laura