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Lipologists trained by Jilly Eddy

Not in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area? No worries!   Here’s a list of other Lipsologists around the country!


Jilly Eddy –(our founder and my teacher!)  –

Ariana Lightningstorm –Certified Lipsologist in the Washington, DC area –

Beth Engerson -Certified Lipsologist in the New York City area –

Deni Luna – Certified Lipsologist and clairvoyant in Seattle –

Michael Kett – Certified Lipsologist in Chicago, IL –

Laura E. West – Fortune-teller &  Certified Lipsologist in Texas, Dallas/ Ft. Worth area –

Pam Fox – Certified Lipsologist in Arizona –

Kiss a card and find out what your lip prints say about you!
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