Two Lovers, a lion and a little girl meet at a Burlesque show…


It’s been a busy night of tarot card readings for me at the Cirque du Burlesque show at Viva’s Lounge in Dallas.  I love doing fortune-telling at this small theatre in the Dallas Design district.

A couple is seated in front of me as I shuffle the cards.  I present them in a pile in front of the woman.

Pull five cards I say.  The young woman slips the first card out of the pile and hands it to me.  When she pulls her hand back, one of the cards flips out of the pile and lands right side up.  The card displays a drawing of a young girl petting a lion with the word Strength at the bottom.  The woman wants me to put the card back in the pile, but I put it to the side.  My tarot deck has a sense of humor.   Based on my previous experiences, I know that there is a reason for the card to manifest out of the deck in such a bizarre way.  Plus I know the meaning of the card and am wondering what she is avoiding.

She pulls three more cards and stops. “ One more” I say.  But she points at the Strength card.

“ No, that one is extra” I tell her “ You need to pull one more.”  So she does.

So now five cards are in front of the couple and I start to interpret the spread.

The reading reveals that she needs to move forward with a situation and that it’s time to quit stalling.  The first card is 9 of Hearts which is the Wish card in the deck.  It also signifies that a hope/dream or desire is coming true. That’s the good news. But the bad news is that things are moving forward and that means change.   The other cards reflect that the timing is right and that all will go well.  We also discuss a few more details for her to look forward to.

I’ve been so wrapped up in the five cards and it’s been a positive reading that  I totally forget about the Strength card sitting on the side line.

“What about that card “–the husband says pointing to the card titled “Strength”.

Yikes!  I have almost forgotten the most important part of her reading.  Thank goodness he’s on the ball.

I explain that the Strength card represents  gathering your courage to do something physically that you don’t want to do or have been putting off.    And – others know about it.  She might be scared of what she must do – but the experience won’t hurt her or backfire  I point out that on the card the lion isn’t biting the girl.  She may fear failure, but she can succeed if they try.

The husband turns to his wife and says – “See honey!   You can do it.  If you won’t listen to me – listen to her!”

The wife has tears in her eyes, smiles and nods.  She gets it. They kiss.

The man and I shake hands.  Another marriage saved by Tarot!

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Tarot cards predict the future! What's your cards?

Tarot cards predict the future! What’s your cards?

Laura E. West is a professional fortune-teller in Dallas, TX and one of eight certified Lipsologists (lipstick print reader) in the United States.  She studied with Jilly Eddy the creator and author of “Lipsology, the Art & Science of Reading Lip Prints”.  Laura enjoys doing intuitive entertainment  for corporate events and private parties.  Schedule a private reading virtually or see her at Prana Haven in Richardson, TX on Saturdays.  


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