Tea Leaf Tuesday: Imagine Dragons (in the cup, not the band)

Tea leaves dragon image


This tea cup was posted by some one who just enrolled in graduate school to get a Masters in Lighting.

I usually find clear tea cups really hard to read, but this one had a very striking image in it.  So, imagine:  a big dragon right in the center of the picture with the head at the top of the cup.  The first thing that jumped out at me is a huge winged dragon. Look to the left of the dragon, there is a person sitting at a desk with thought bubbles above them. Under that figure further down find a music note, boot and palm tree. Next, find an airplane between the person at the desk and the dragon.

My reading:  Your new studies (person at desk), while they may be considered a little risky willl actually pay off and yield more than imagined. Music note, boot and leaning tree. Relative / family member starting to verbally support your decision to pursue your dream.

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