Tea Leaf Reading Thursday! Bathtub, Duckies and more!

tea leaves in cup

tea leaves in cup

This is a tea leaf reading that I did for Julie. See if you can find these images made by the tea leaves: Starting from the handle of the cup (bottom of the image) a woman in the bathtub with a ducky and bubbles. Directly above her is an angel. To the left of the tub is a cat and connected to it is a tree with a arm with hand up. The arm/hand makes the chin of a child’s face and to the left of that is the profile of another child. The bangs of the first child face mentioned looks also like a wavy snake. Above that is a profile of a woman and to the right a man in a hat. Dots above them create an outline of tweezers a or pincher image. A faint outline of a cobra is to the right of the tweezer image. A mountain range is above that at the top of the cup. Going back to the bathtub, to the right I see a desk with a small lamp and shoes to the left of it. Above the desk is a box or book with wings and a dark cloud.

So my interpretation for Julie: You may need to take an emotional break (bathtub, water and ducky), and while you are protected (angel) from anything really detrimental (cobra), you may be deceiving yourself or being deceived (cat) by a family member (tree) who has asked for help (arm/hand). This may be someone older (woman and man in hat) that you knew as a child or they have children. You may feel pressured or squeezed by this because they helped you in the past or that you feel obligated because of “family” connection. This pressure is on top of the strain of trying to learn new things (desk) around a new job or business (shoes). While this is a struggle right now, you will be successful in your outcome. The book/box with wings is a gift or idea that helps you overcome a big worry or problem (cloud). This is connected to what you are trying to do with your work.

Feedback from Julie: Wow huni spot on

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