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It is important to stimulate our imaginations to dream of what we want to create.  The world we live in seems to frown on this.  Let’s face it – there is no proof that our dreams will come true, so it seems impractical to dream or see it for ourselves.   Someone once told me that wishes look like blinking Christmas tree lights if viewed from out in space.  People make a wish and then doubt or give up that their wish could come true.  The light goes off almost as soon as it went on.

I always bring a crystal ball with me as a table prop to events.  This one item while often ignored by adults, always gets the attention of my young clients.  They usually point to it and ask what I do with it – what is it for?  So I explain to my eager tweens that it helps me see events in the future.  LIfe events that teens always want to know about usually include what will they be doing as a career, where will they go to college, what are they doing at a specific age and what does their spouse look like.  How I “see” these events is hard to explain.  After the question is asked, I quiet my mind and then a picture or image will pop in my mind.  The image then expands out like a movie camera would and I am able to see more of what is going on in the scene.  I describe everything I am seeing to my audience (which is usually 5 -6 kids gathered around listening to the story).  No two scenes are a like.  They are completely unique to the person I am reading.

One of my favorites include seeing a girl who grew up to be a fashion director.  The scene opened up with a slide of a model on a lit up viewer.  When the scene backed out I could see all of the slides and photographs that she and another woman were looking at an talking about.

A young man wanted to know what he would be doing at 31.  His scene opened with a peanut bag and zoomed out to show him as an adult with a friend at a baseball game.  They had tickets to an opening day and were enjoying a day off from work together.

I recently did a birthday party for some young girls in their tweens. I had been answering their questions for almost an hour when one of the girls asked if she could try seeing the future.  We thought that this would be a fun experiment.  So I held the crystal ball in my hand and let the girl put her hand on top of the ball. I coached her to say the first thing that popped into her mind after the question was raised.   Another girl asked the question:  “What sport will I play most when I am 17?”

“Volleyball!” my young fortune teller said immediately, ” I saw the ball flying in the air!”  Other girls began to take turns seeing the answers to friends questions.  It was a great moment of seeing the girls have faith in their own imaginations.  One budding fortune teller even predicted what kind of dog their friend would have as an adult.

While these scenes and stories are not earth shattering events, they are entertaining and satisfying to the tweens.  Will these “dreams” come true?  Who knows?  It’s the future.  But my young clients are charmed and excited.  They have hope and a belief that something that they have asked for is waiting for them.


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