Palmistry – Lower Mars and determination

mars 2 mars 3 Brad_Pitt_Tom_Cruise_waving_hand


Palmistry has the inside scoop on our personalities.  It is always so fascinating to view people’s hands like perusing a book.


There is a small piece of flesh that folds from our thumb bending in to the hand.  This is the lower plane of Mars.  The planet Mars rules the Astrology houses of Aries and Scorpio. Mars gives us courage and determination.   If you have a dominant Mars in your hand, it shows up looking like a pea shaped pillow.  The larger the pillow, the more drive and determination the person will have.  This also gives them concentration and stamina and the need to prove themselves.  No one should tell them that something can’t be done – they will figure out a way to make things happen.  This marking may be on endurance athletes and people in leadership positions.

The palms shown above belong to President Obama, Kate Middleton and Tom Cruise.

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