Please! Stay on the Path! Cards of Fortune, August 6 – 12, 2016

Warning:  this might not be the week to try anything new or creative, but rather work with the information, knowledge and skills that you know are tried and true. The Queen of Spades card advises us to expect a week of managing problems here and there, large and small.  And while […]

The Heat is On! Cards of Fortune- July 20 – August 5, 2016

It’s hot, hot, hot here in Dallas for this fortune-teller!  I don’t know about you, but I’m realizing that here in the middle of summer there was so much that I wanted to accomplish, yet I feel like so much to do and that heavy feeling of how to get […]

Facing Fear for Freedom! Cards of Fortune, July 9 – 15, 2016

It’s been a sad week in the US and especially in my home town of Dallas, TX.   And we will be facing another tough one this week as well as Mars continues to retrace the path it’s been on for the last two months back through Scorpio to Sagittarius. […]

Family Gatherings & Fireworks! Cards of Fortune- July 2 – 8, 2016

I have to admit that the seven of spades or swords is not my favorite fortune-telling card to interpret for my clients.  In regular playing cards, the six of any suit are often referred to as “ladder” cards.  A ladder gives us upward movement and the ability to elevate ourselves to or […]

Is There Commitment in Your Future? Cards of Fortune – June 25 – July 1, 2016

  It’s Monday morning after a weekend doing fortune-telling events reading tarot cards and I am finally finishing up this post.  I was supposed to get it out on Saturday, but the weekend brought a parade of enjoyable social commitments that wore me out.  And I thought about skipping the week.  I mean, I can’t always […]