Oh, no! Mars Retro! How will it effect you this week? Cards of Fortune – April 16 – 22, 2016

oh, oh! MR

This week, it’s time to work out little kinks and problems. The Five of Diamonds (or Tarot card Five of Coins) signals that something is just not working in the area of finances, job, your skills, home or other projects that you value and that may be a good thing.Save0021

It’s forcing you to go back and look at the plan. Or maybe you are getting another chance to dream even bigger.

Mars goes Retrograde on April 17 so be aware that this will slow down the energy a bit for the next two months on anything that you are trying to conquer or feel compelled to fight for. Instead of getting flustered fighting it, try instead to go with the flow.   Don’t be afraid to just take a break.  Go for a walk or take time out for a coffee with a friend.

Pay attention to the people who show up in serendipitous moments, or if you feel compelled to go a particular place or contact someone; there might be a reason you need to cross paths with them. This is where slowing down helps us.  We actually have time to notice things and interact with people.

Also, observe how you manage your time. How could you be using it more effectively this week?

Good Fortune to you!


My Cards of Fortune reflections are based on Ernst Wilhelm’s video classes at  https://cardsoftruth.com/.  If you are interested in learning about the birth card system, his video classes are educational as well as entertaining.   

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