Numerology for Busy People -Nov. 17 – 23

Numerology for Busy People (1) Numerology for Busy People – November 17 – 23

It’s another very busy week to hustle and get things done before the week of Thanksgiving.  Take a few deep breaths when things seem overwhelming and keep on going. 


Numerology # 8 Day: Success in business and finances.

November 17.  It’s a good days to get ahead in Business.  However, think things through before you give an answer or sign a contract.


Numerology # 9 Day: Let your little light shine! 

November 18.  Advertise your work today and get notice from the public.


Numerology # 1 Day: Brainstorm ideas and starting something new!

November 19.   A good day to step out and promote yourself or something that you want people excited about! 


Numerology # 2 Day: Listen more and talk less.  Choose your words wisely.

November 20.  Today be diplomatic, yield to cooperation, and/or go with the flow. 


Numerology # 3 Day:  Express yourself and have fun! 

November 21.  Use time today to network and be social.


Numerology # 4 Day: Watch where your money is going!!! 

November 22.   Organize and streamline things in your life today!  Concentration levels will be good too!


Numerology # 5 Day:   Energy abounds!

November 23.   A good day to be active and get things done! Let people know what you are excited about.  Make a changes, travel or make travel plans, push forward in business.


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