Numerology for Busy People – July 2014

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They say that timing is everything!  We need every advantage in this day and age.

Numerology can help make your days more productive.  I like to mark those days in my calendar along with those days when I should relax and go with the flow.

Numerology # 1 days for great ideas and starting something new!

July 3,12, 21, & 30 are good days to step out and sell yourself or something that you want to promote and get people excited about it!  Introduce it on these days:

Numerology # 2 Days to listen more and talk less.  Choose your words wisely.

July 13th is a good day to be diplomatic, yield to cooperation, and/or go with the flow. 

Numerology # 3 Days to express yourself and have fun! 

July 5, 14 & 23 are good days to network and be social.

Numerology # 4 days to watch where your money is going!!! 

July 6 & 24 are good days to organize and streamline things in your life!  Concentration levels will be good too!

Numerology # 5 Days where energy abounds!

July 7, 16, & 25 are good days to be active and get things done! Let people know what you are excited about.  Make a changes, travel or make travel plans, push forward in business.

Numerology # 6 Days to stick close to home. 

July 8, 17 & 26 are good days to stay in, do things around the house, read a good book and just recharge your personal battery.  In family matters, draw a truce and don’t get hooked into arguments.  Good day to purchase or lease a domestic domain.

Numerology # 7 Days to rest, breathe and release.

 July 9, 18 & 27 don’t push it!  Dial it down and review what you have been working on.  Let your intuition guide you on these days:

Numerology # 8 Days for success in business and finances.

July 1, 10, 19 & 26 are good days to get ahead in Business.  However, think things through before you give an answer or sign a contract on the following days:

Numerology # 9 Days to let your little light shine! 

July 2, 11, 20 & 29 are great days to advertise your work and get notice from the public.

Numerology Day 11 for expanding your soul!

July 4, 22 & 31are days for imagination and inspiration and feeling connected with your higher self or spirit.  Brainstorm ideas with others – and share the spark!

Numerology Day 22 for foreign affairs and leadership.

On July 15 work on any business, project or idea that has an international connection.  It is a day that you could take things to another level with a little inspiration and leadership.


Have a great July!  If you need more guidance in areas of work, family or love contact me for a reading at or 214-334-0769.

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