Is your glass half empty or half full this week? It’s all in perspective! – Cards of Fortune for April 9 – 15, 2016

Glass Half full

Get ready, because is one of those weeks where things may not go as planned or work out the way you dreamed it should be. The Five of Hearts reminds us that it’s possible to get so focused on what isn’t working and ignore other opportunities that could move us forward in a positive manner.Save0021

It’s a lot easier to throw a pity party and grieve, complain or blame. But that gets us nowhere. And you’re not nowhere, you’re just now here. So what do you want to do about it?

Change can affect our self confidence, especially if it upsets the plans we have our heart set on. Do you have the right foundation to get things done? If not, what do you want to invest in so that you do?

This could be as simple as asking for help or taking a class to learn a new skill. Maybe you need to network and expand your community. What would make you feel more secure and get your mojo back in gear?

Sometimes these feelings of disappointment happen because we get so fixed on what we think should happen. Sometimes our projects stall, take a turn in another direction or come to an abrubt halt. These situations teach us flexibility and trust.

Is it possible that the Universe may actually be saving us from ourselves in these cases?

Have you ever had one of those days that you just barely averted an accident?  Or maybe you passed one and thought, “that could have been me!”

Sometimes these “disappointments” keep us from much worse circumstances.  So, if you don’t get your way this week, are passed over or not invited to join in; just consider it part of the plan. Be patient and keep goin. The right situation will present itself and usually it turns out better than what we originally intended.

Good Fortune to you!


My Cards of Fortune reflections are based on Ernst Wilhelm’s video classes at  If you are interested in learning about the birth card system, his video classes are educational as well as entertaining.   

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