Happy Birthday, Starman!

David Bowie’s “Lipograph” from 1979. He was 32.

January 8 is the birthday of both late great musician singers Elvis Presley and David Bowie.

I wish I had the lip prints of Elvis – but no such luck there.  If anyone does have lip prints of the King – I would really love to see them.  I’m sure that they would be fascinating although it is certainly hard to beat the unusual lip prints of the Thin White Duke.

One of my favorite books that I have purchased as a Lipsologist (lip print reader) is a collection of celebrity lip prints called “With Love From…” for the charity Save the Children.

In the forward of the book, there is a story explaining that David Bowie actually inspired the “lipograph”.  While in London for a performance, he receiving a box of a makeup as a gift from Charles of the Ritz.   Mr. Bowie returned a card baring his lip prints with a thank you note to the company.  Word got out!  The kiss prints of this rising Starman were immediately sought after and people wanted to purchase Bowie’s “lipograph”.  So the idea of auctioning off the lip prints of celebrities or “lipographs” for a good cause was born!

In 1979 Sotheby’s held an auction of celebrity prints for the Save the Children Foundation on their Diamond Jubilee year.  And while David Bowie’s lip print were the inspiration, Mick Jagger’s prints fetched the highest price. Go figure!

I wrote a my observations on what David’s 1979 prints revealed about him  in a previous blog.  I miss the creativity and genius of his artistry.  Happy birthday, Starman!


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