Focus early, party later: Cards of Fortune – May 21- 27, 2016

May 21 discipline goal and accomplishment

We have a few days before a holiday so it might be a good time to analyze what you need to get done before that three day weekend. What information do you need and what steps you want to take? What is necessary and what needs to be streamlined so that you can move smoothly? Try to get things done early this week. Let’s face it, most people will be checked out by Thursday.

While you may feel that you can do things on your own, accountability might help. Also, getting feedback from others can give you some new, fresh ideas. Now all you need is the discipline to buckle down and do them.

Indecision and overwhelm can be the obstacles that keep you from moving forward, so start with realistic choices and break things down into small steps and stay on task.

Weekend commitments loom and while it is a good time to spend with family and friends, be wary of over indulging or doing things to excess. There will be people that like to pop holes in the dreams of others, so pick your battles. Make time to take care of your own needs.

May 21 Seven of Diamonds.  When the ego lets go of needing the world to validate how great it is, that’s when it really does happen. Real security comes when we don’t need it.  Let it go now. It is so easy to think; and so hard to do.  Open up and you shall receive.

May 22 Four of Diamonds.  A good 4 of Diamonds creates confidence and rules the day!  You have invested in yourself wisely and have resources in place to support you in what you are up to.  If you are not feeling it, maybe reviewing and assessing what you need to invest in.  Do you need to take some classes to sharpen your skills?  Or network to build your resources?  Either way, what steps do you want to create today to feel more secure with your life?

May 23 Jack of Hearts – When this Jack is good, we are willing and learning to make sacrifices for the good of all concerned. We embrace the divine love or friendship that is considered the unconditional and spontaneous love of accepting whatever is in front of us, including ourselves.  But watch out for the dark side of this Jack when we manipulate or twist the situation to suit ourselves and get what we want. It destroys our natural capacity for love and joy.

May 24 Six of Diamonds. It is a day for using your skills and having the discipline to work through all the little things that are keeping you from really moving ahead. And while it might seem tedious, in the long run it will be worth it and make things run much more smoothly.  If you avoid this step you will be setting yourself up for more headaches in the future.

May 25 Six of Spades.   When we are in a good place with Six of Spades we relax in the fact that there is no such thing as “security”.   Finding satisfaction in the work we do, the challenges we take on and the ability to struggle through and make things work are the positive side of the 6 of Spades. The bad side could be summed up in another Rolling Stones song:  “I can’t get no, satisfaction…” If you really needed something, you would have it.  Stay present and be okay in the moment. Where you are now, today, is perfect.

May 26 Ace of Clubs. OMG!   It’s new and exciting and catches your eye like a shiny object or a glittering jewel.  You can see the potential and the growth that it could bring.  It’s just a glimmer but oh so tempting that you can’t stop thinking about it.  Pull in and get quiet, and let your inner wise self show you the next step to take.

May 27Nine of Spades.  Today presents an opportunity to face your fears.  Chances are that you have made a decision to do something great and amazing.  Now everything rises to scare you away from it. So consider the feeling of stress as a good thing.  It’s the last desperate attempt of your mind to try to keep you in the “safe” zone.



My Cards of Fortune reflections are based on Ernst Wilhelm’s video classes at  If you are interested in learning about the birth card system, his video classes are educational as well as entertaining.   

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