Cold outside? Read into your future with a cup of tea!

tea-cup-pot preperation for tea leaf readingtea leaf cup fortune-telling

It’s a very cold day in Dallas for this fortune-teller!  It makes me want to cozy up with a cup of tea.  And if I’m doing that, I won’t be able to help myself, I’ll have to look at the tea leaves too.   I’m planning a tea leaf reading class in the near future and would love some guidance!  Here’s the link!


Tea leaf reading is one of the oldest divination skills.  I once read that the Romans and Greeks would check out the sediment in the bottom of their wine glasses gazing at the omens foretelling their futures.

If you enjoy doing puzzles just look in the bottom of your cup and see if the coffee grounds (French press coffee can leave some really good sludge) or tea leaf sediment left in the dregs of the liquid trigger your mind to connect those specs to a animal, thing or person.   Reading tea leaves is an old fashioned, charming and entertaining way to have fun with friends, stretch your imagination and open up intriguing conversations.

Tea leaf images for fortune-telling.

Can you see what I see? Frog, house, dog, doorway, vine, banana, Superman & a wishbone

In my experience, tea leaf readings can sometimes be very intimate.  Not that they reveal anything particularly racy or scandalous, but sometimes the images have very deep and powerful meaning to the people you are interpreting for.  I don’t know how this happens, but I always feel completely honored to witness those moments for people when something truly touches them and has deep meaning.    Here are a couple of examples:

I read a cup of tea leaves for a woman recently at a bridal shower.  She was quiet during much of the reading, and I didn’t feel that she was really in to it until the last few minutes.  One of the last images I saw was in the bottom of the cup.  It was of a man in a cage with a flying bird just outside of the cage.  I told her that this was someone who felt isolated and alone and maybe even trapped in a situation.  She would be hearing from him soon or he would get the information he needed to free himself from what was hindering him.  She started crying and said that she had been thinking of this person and worried that they had isolated themselves and dealing with a tough life situation.  She felt so relieved that she would hear from him or know that his troubles would be leaving him.

Another time I saw clumps of tea leaves that created the images of three little bear-like shapes in the bottom of the cup.  This was interesting to me and I said “Wow!  Three bears!’  The woman I was reading for didn’t miss a beat.  “Oh, those are my dogs.  I call them my three little bears!”

tea leaves making horse head.

The tea leaves create the outline of a horse head. New coming soon from a suitor.

My favorite tea leaf reading may have been last Friday afternoon in a department store setting.  A lovely lady sat down with me to have her tea leaves read.  Again, the image was the last one I spotted in the bottom of her cup.  I see an angel walking a dog on a leash.  Tears welled up in her eyes.  “That’s my dad,” she said, “He always loved his dogs.  And he’s gone now.”  She went on to express how she felt connected to her father just then as the tea cup reminded her that his spirit was still around watching over her like an angel.

The next time you have a cup of coffee or tea don’t forget to check the bottom when you are through.  You might be surprised at what you see.  It just takes a little imagination and a sense of humor.  Write your images down and note if any of them are joined or in close proximity to each other.  Then the fun begins to decipher the messages.  A good dream interpretation book or website can be helpful, and often times like a dream, the tea message might be a little bit cryptic.  The more practice, the clearer the messages become.  It just takes a little practice and time.

Reading tea at the Joule

Tea leaf reading with Laura E. West, fortune-teller. Clients get to drink tea while they get their reading. Laura sketches the images of the tea leaves and where they appear in the cup. She also includes notes of her interpretation of the symbols seen in the cup.

If you are in the Dallas, Texas area, I offer tea leaf readings at Prana Haven, Energy, Wellness and Gifts for the Soul (107 S. McKinney St., Richardson, TX) every third Saturday of the month.   Come have a cup of tea and see what’s in your future!

Learn to read your own tea leaves! I am very excited to announce my first tea leaf class at Prana Haven on Sunday afternoon, January 15, 2017.  Click here for  the link to sign up! 

Laura E. West is a professional fortune-teller and certified Lipsologist in Dallas, Texas.  She entertains and enlightens many different ages at parties and events. She enjoys doing private consultations and classes at  Prana Haven, Energy, Wellness and Gifts for the Soul, located in Richardson, Texas.  Drop by, sit a spell and have a cup of tea!



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