Cards of Fortune, June 24 – 29, 2016: Get it Done! Tackle Those Projects! –

July 26 accomplishment

Ten of Swords or Spades is the fortune-telling tarot card that signals that you’ve finally conquering your fear!

Go ahead, slay it!

Have you been procrastinating on something because you just didn’t know how to handle it or that you were afraid of just not pulling it off or if you did how it would be received?

This week we get a chance to tackle those fears and thought that have been waking us up at night or occupying much more of our time than we would like.  It’s a good week to get things done and feel like you are a champ.

The hardest thing to do is simply admit what you need to do, decide on one or two small steps to take and – like the Nike slogan says “just do it!”

Here’s a quick day to day play of what’s in the cards for this week!

Save0026Sunday, July 24:  King of Clubs is all about inspiration and obtaining that goal or vision no matter what the cost.  This may come by some sacrifice, but the King in us is serious enough to do just that.  The excitement of creation can drive us to do phenomenal things and – it’s never boring.  The King of C is also one of the best creative problem solvers.  Just make sure that your King isn’t side lining his dream by helping everyone else solve their problems.


Monday, July 25: Seven of Hearts stops us dead in our tracks and makes us question our feelings and ability to trustSave0019 our choices particularly in relationships.  You may be wondering if you are repeating a pattern or getting the same result as last time.  So, how would you like to change the pattern?  You might feel tempted to shut down or get depressed. Instead use this as an opportunity to try a new approach or tactic.


Tuesday, July 26: Two of Diamonds.  You do have choice and can move forward with confidence!  While it might not be easy all of the time, you are in this for the long haul, so take your time. 2 Diamonds Savor any accomplishments no matter how big or small.  They all add up!


Wednesday, July 27: Two of Spades.  Life may be moving quickly, but that doesn’t mean you need to jump and make a decision immediately.  Be patient.  You’ll know when to make your next move.  And who knows?  Maybe you won’t have to!


Thursday, July 28: Nine of Clubs.  The “right” people show up today to either inspire or help us on our path. You asked for it!  Ta-dah! Divine intervention!


Four Spades

Friday, July 29: Four of Spades. Finally! It’s time for a little relaxation and reflection.  Use today to assess the week and where you are on your goals. What is the next move to make to get where you want to go?


099My Cards of Fortune reflections and predictions are based on Ernst Wilhelm’s video classes at  If you are interested in learning about the birth card system, his video classes are educational as well as entertaining.   

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