What’s in your future? – Cards of Fortune daily tarot for March 21, 2016

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Today belongs to 2 of Diamonds!  Two of Diamonds offers us the feeling of accomplishment and feeling of self worth.  A good experience with 2 of Diamonds gives us the ability to see choices and do things in our own self interest because we feel confident and are ready for that challenge.  If you are feeling the negative effects of the card, you will be down and have low self esteem.  Find a quiet moment and be honest with what small steps you could do to gain confidence and get back in the game.

The Ecliptic card that can help you with today’s challenge: Seven of Clubs. Sometimes we just hit the wall.  There comes a point where our ambition may not be realized and you will not reach the goal you originally envisioned.  Can your ego let go and open to new possibilities?  No one wants to be a “quitter”, but it is not failure to walk away from something that is not working for us, stressing us, or that seems like more of a burden than rewarding.  Now is the time to evaluate the situation and choose a new approach.  What could be a new an exciting way to go forward?  Do you need a partner, inspiration, creative time or time off?  A 7 card makes us stop in our tracks, because we reached a dead end.  So stop, get quiet and listen.  You will hear what’s next for you to do.

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