Are you “man” enough to wear lipstick? Trying on new experiences!

Business man & printsMost men are good sports and will try lipstick print readings!

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It takes a lot of courage to try new things, but when you do, often the results can be truly amazing or at the least, fun and usually a good story.

Recently a client and I discussed lipstick print readings for her networking event. I could tell that she was excited, but then came the pause. “Will men do it too?” she asked.

I reassured her that most guys would “man-up” and be adventurous. But, I would happily do some quick palmistry for anyone who might be intimidated at the thought of applying makeup.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day was the theme for the networking event. I made “Kiss cards” with the group logo and included the phrase “Kiss me!  I’m Irish!”    My table was set up with gold and green table cloths.  My picture of a big gold lip print could be seen easily from across the room and people were immediately drawn to it.


The first guests are mostly men and they are naturally curious about my display. When I tell them they have to put on lipstick they are hesitant.  I assure them that Saint Patrick’s day is the perfect day to try something so silly and unusual as putting on women’s make up and kissing a piece of paper.  So they oblige.  I have also scrounged through my lipsticks for more manly brown colors instead of bright pinks and reds.  Those are ready for easy access and I manage to get every man who comes to the table to get a lipstick print reading.


During the evening women come over eager to get their lip prints read and the amount of men coming to my table slows down. Finally I have a small break to survey the party. Everyone is talking and laughing.  That’s a good sign.

Suddenly, a man wanders up to my table. He wants a lip print reading but admits that he doesn’t want to be embarrassed by someone seeing him in lipstick.  I promise that the process will be so quick and no one will ever know.  He’s willing.  We turn our backs to the room and face the table.  I take off the lipstick top and get it ready while my client picks up the mirror.  I give him the lipstick and he quickly applies it while I prep the Kiss card.  Lipstick goes on as best he can.  While he hands me the lipstick, I hand him the Kiss card.  Three quick prints on the paper and he hands it back.   I reward him a tissue for a job well done in thirty seconds tops.

Making a print

While he is getting the last bits of gloss off his lips, I take a peek at the paper and two perfect lip prints. The lip prints have a square shape.  He’s a Godfather also known as the rock in his community and counted on to be the community problem solver that everyone relies on.   He’s generous with his resources, time and sometimes money.  I make a note not to say this too loudly.


There is a bump on outside of the top lip. Meeting and surpassing goals is very important to him right now. But he also has a bump on the inside of the bottom lip that means he gives compliments and acknowledges others often, but feels awkward receiving praise. So I joke with him that he can dish it but he can’t take it and he laughs in agreement.  We continue to discuss his prints.  When we are through, he shakes my hand and turns to leave.

Then I notice one more pattern on the prints. “May I ask you a personal question?” I ask.  He nods.  “Do you by any chance have an injury above the waist on the right side of your body?”

His eyes open wide. “How did you know that?”

I showed him the location on the print that gave it away. The right side of both top lips are not as “plump” a the left.   Both prints have the same slant. The left print is accents this more than the right print however.  But this is enough to ask out of curiosity.

He tells me that his right shoulder and arm were injured from an attack two year prior.  We are both astounded by how accurate his lips have portrayed this event.  “Wow” he says, “the other information was great – but that just blew me away. I am going to show this to my wife.”

cropped Think back to the last time someone made you feel special and what they said.   Savor that.  It is a luxury in our society.   That is why I enjoy introducing people to Lipsology and discussing their favorite topic: them.  A lipstick print reveals hidden messages about who the person is, how they handle situations and even their energy levels.  The readings are personal, unique and certainly interactive.

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