A Mardi Gras Bar Mitzvah and the Mad Hatters Tea Room


One of the coolest things about being in the entertainment business, is the opportunity of traveling to other cities for an event.  While there is some complication of packing, making travel arrangements, getting there and then maneuvering in a town that you might not be familiar with, there is a fun sense of adventure that goes with this as well.

Recently one of my Dallas agents recommended me for a job in another city.  Now there were plenty of other readers in San Antonio, Texas, but my agent insisted to the agent in San Antonio that only I would do for this particular gig.  I am very lucky to have their confidence and quite flattered by this.  The party was a Bar Mitzvah for a family from New Orleans and wanted a Mardi Gras theme for the party.  These kinds of parties can be challenging to some readers where there are both children and adults to entertain.  It can be tricky reading for kids, mostly because you have to explain things in kid terms and interpret the reading  into a kid’s everyday world.  But I like seeing the kids and their parents.  It’s all great fun.

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The party space was truly amazing! The entertainment company from San Antonio had found a wonderful old library with a dirt basement.  My room was filled with old paintings.  With a table, chandelier and a room full of candles, we had a lovely Southern Gothic feel to my fortune telling room.  I had brought along a skull and other hoo-doo looking props for the table, but nothing too scary since I knew that there would be all ages of children in addition to the adults.


The party was a hit with great food, casino tables and of course, and of course yours truly doing fortune telling.  As the guests arrived I made sure that I stood in the doorway of my fortune telling room to meet and read the palms of some of the younger children first.  Other guests saw me entertaining the kids and noted where I was located.  Within 20 minutes I was in my room and open for card readings with adults and palm reading for the kids. It was a lot of fun and the guests were charming.  My three hours whizzed by and before I knew it, they were closing up the casino tables.  What a great evening!


I stayed at the Fairmont Hotel in San Antonio.  It’s one of the oldest hotels in the city and certainly had its own personality and a very gracious staff.  The valet recommended a couple of places for Sunday morning breakfast including the Mad Hatter’s Tea Room.  Now I couldn’t pass that up!!!!!!Wow! What a charming place!  Their specialty was tea, not coffee (though they had big urns of it).  The tea room was decorated with mismatched tables and chairs and they had a lovely and eclectic selection of teas to choose from displayed on crooked shelves against a mirror.  You picked out your own tea cup and saucer (no two alike) from a little book shelf while they brewed your pot of tea.  I had to read my cup and my husbands before we left to go back to Dallas.  Nothing but good fortune ahead for our journey home!

The breakfast was great and don’t pass up the scones if you visit.  They do high tea as well.  I loved it and wished that I had a place like that to read tea in Dallas.  Maybe someday!

Mad Hatters

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