Monthly Archives: February 2016

Cards of Fortune – February 17, 2016

Today belongs to Eight of Diamonds The 8 of Diamonds invites us to look at how we create our own world.  We are one in the creation of what we have brought in to our personal domain.  That includes our relationships, what we do and the situations at hand. But somehow it never seems enough […]

Cards of Fortune – February 16, 2015

Today is  Nine of Diamonds. The 9 of Diamonds is also known as “The Giver”.  It is the willingness to be selfless with your skills, knowledge and resources.  It is the knowledge that by giving, the Universe is abundant and will always supply you with what you need.  And as Mick says […]

Cards of Fortune – February 15, 2015

Today is a Ten of Diamonds day. The 10 of Diamonds lets us celebrate a job well done.  It’s like graduating and preparing to move up to the next level of what is worthwhile and important to us.  We can count our blessings of what others have contributed to us through inheritance which can be […]

Cards of Fortune – February 13, 2016

Today belongs to the Queen of Diamonds. The Queen of Diamonds shows her good side by being amazing and agile with business and really understanding the value and worth of what is in front of her.  As the good queen she is totally dependable and can manage any philanthropic project she pleases.  But when she’s bad, […]