Monthly Archives: June 2015

Cards of Fortune – June 30, 2015

Today is ruled by King of Hearts. Kings make the decisions and give the commands.  In this case it is about what is good or right for everyone involved.   The King in us puts aside his ego and selflessly does the right thing.  What has your ego been holding on to […]

Cards of Fortune: June 29, 2015

Today is ruled by Ace of Clubs. OMG!   It’s new and exciting and catches your eye like a shiny object or a glittering jewel.  You can see the potential and the growth that it could bring.  It’s just a glimmer but oh so tempting that you can’t stop thinking about […]

Cards of Fortune – June 28, 2015

Today is ruled by 2 of Clubs. First there was the excitement of discovery.  Now there is the adventure of creative collaboration.  There are a multitude of possibilities and it can be tempting to run in a million directions.  Take your time and visualize what impact you want to produce […]

Cards of Fortune- June 26, 2015

Today is ruled by 4 of Clubs. Hooray!  You made your goal and it’s time to celebrate.  But it’s hard to party when you are critical of the outcome or feel that there is so much more to do.  Do it anyway. Get in the habit of rejoicing and being […]

Cardsof Fortune – June 25, 2015

Today is ruled by 5 of Clubs. Sometimes there is nothing you can do but go through the process as crazy and chaotic as it may seem.  The nature of creativity includes experimenting and trying out new possibilities.  With this comes a lot of failure or accidental discoveries.  Being willing […]

Cards of Fortune – June 24, 2015

Today is ruled by 6 of Clubs.  The path to success is through the path of ambition and inspiration.  It’s the journey not the destination that counts. However, dedication, discipline and persistence are important to keep us on the path to push forward.  If you are struggling, ask yourself what […]

Cards of Fortune – June 23, 2015

Today is ruled by 7 of Clubs. Sometimes we just hit the wall.  There comes a point where our ambition may not be realized and you will not reach the goal you originally envisioned.  Can your ego let go and open to new possibilities?  No one wants to be a “quitter”, […]

Cards of Fortune – June 22, 2015

Today is ruled by 8 of Clubs.  How do you know that you know?  Are you learning from experiences or are you being inspired from within?  Pay attention to your experiences and the lessons they have for you.  There are no accidents.  It’s all part of a natural process. Ecliptic […]

Cards of Fortune – June 21, 2015

  Today is ruled by Nine of Clubs.  We feel one with our divine purpose or that we are just meant to be on a particular path that inspires us.  And while there may be opportunities for adjustments, it still feels right like a good friend.  Nine of Clubs also […]