Monthly Archives: February 2015

Cards of Fortune – February 27, 2015

  Jack of Clubs rules today!  Jack gives us a million and one ideas today.  He is our unbound imagination and creativity.  It will seem like everyone has a new idea.  And that’s great, except ideas alone won’t get you anywhere.  People may rattle on about their big epiphany.  It may seem […]

Cards of Fortune – Feb. 24, 2015

  Ace of Diamonds rules today!  The Ace of D brings us good news or opportunities for finances.  And let’s face it, you deserve it.  Realizing that your efforts pays off and are reflected in the world around you feels good.  Let that excitement fuel you to do more Ecliptic card that […]

Cards of Fortune – Feb. 23, 2015

  2 of Diamonds rules today!  This card offers us the feeling of accomplishment and feeling of self worth.  A good experience with 2 of Diamonds gives us the ability to see choices and do things in our own self interest because we feel confident and are ready for that challenge.  If […]